Give me your hand, my dear.

It is said that the eye is the mirror of the soul.
But during a lifetime, hands come to say at least as much about a person’s life and personality.
The first meeting often starts with a handshake.
A handshake that leaves an impression of the other person’s character and temperament.
How hard do you squeeze and for how long? But in particular, it is a physical contact where one, skin to skin, can clearly feel whether it is a meat-filled, rough hand that is used to physical work or whether it is soft and gentle to feel.
Hands are the only part of other people’s bodies that it is socially acceptable to have physical contact with, without prior knowledge of the person.
The pictures in this series are a series of portraits, where the focus is very isolated around the particular hands, which gives a clear impression of the personalities of the portraits, although in some cases the face in the portrait is not seen at all.
All images are taken with analog film rolls, and are enlarged on handmade photo paper (for the occasion), which is made by brushing liquid photo emulsion on heavy copper socket paper.
This leaves clear brush strokes which emphasize that the series of hands is also made by someone’s hands!